Company: Centric Consulting

Contact Information: Brandy Martin
1215 Lyons Rd., Bldg F
Dayton, OH 45458-1858

p. (800) 781-7567
e: (send message)

Website: www.centricconsulting.com

Company Details:
Since Centric’s start in 1999, we have grown to more than 1500 employees in 13 cities in the U.S. and India. Our consultants lead large-scale business transformation efforts, develop and execute on comprehensive digital strategies, and help clients prepare for the future while streamlining and improving their today.

The foundational tenets Centric started with are the same now as they were when we started – be a good person, provide value, lead with your heart, care for others, and make time for those around you. Or, as we like to say, create unmatched experiences for everyone you come in contact with.

“From the start of the company, we have simply been about doing great work for clients. We care about results as much clients and create an unrivaled environment for our employees.

I get to do the work I love every single day with the people I love spending time with. That is Centric.”

– Larry English, Centric Consulting’s President